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"A child is born on that day and that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma."

~Sri Yukteswar Giri

"Man can do what he wills; but He cannot will what he wills."

~B. V. Raman

Kālā, rewiring the 'self'

Time is the breath of the Gods. In fact, every cycle of our own breath is a measure of Time, linked to the God's functions - creation, sustenance and destruction, and the safest place in Earth is the Mother's womb. Until we rest our 'self' in the cradle of Her womb, the cycle of birth and re-birth continues.


Kālā, rewriting the 'self', is a very special and uniquely curated meditation retreat for serious practitioners and seekers. It is a knowledge program that introduces to the Vedic concepts of Time and Space. Special aśtanga practices are designed for harnessing the energies from far and beyond, learning to expand our existential self.


This programme will be conducted in Ujjain, an ancient Vedic learning centre. The city is mentioned in Mahabharatam and purana-s. At the Sandipani ashram in Ujjain, it is mentioned Krishna, Balaram and Sudama went for Vedic studies. It is also the city where the first astronomical observatory was built by Maharaja Jai Singh II, consisting of 13 architectural astrology instruments.  

Participation for this knowledge program is finalised only after a few interactions.

Intensive Workshop Includes




Vedic concept of Time and Space - Metrics used for measuring Time - Introductions to planets, their attributes, functionality and powers - Relationship between our mind and their movements - Learning how to mollify their negativity and tap into their positivity.

Practice will contain two segments - āsana and dhyāna. Morning sessions will focus on āsana, and as preparation for the rest of the day. Evening sessions will focus on dhyāna, invoking a particular planet for channeling specific energy.

Visit to the Jantar Mantar, the astronomical observatory and Mahakaal temple, one of the twelve jyothirlinga are added to enhance experience.

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