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  • Art appreciation: is curated on heritage monuments. Focuses on the nuances of Temple traditions of South India, it's history and architecture.

  • Health and Wellness retreat: is curated on an ecosystem. It is designed for women to specially unwind and progress their practice without being interrupted or burdened by responsibility.

  • Elements of Indian culture: is art and culture camps for school children and young adults. Aim is to introduce at an early age art appreciation, regional diversity and cultural tolerance.

  • Sacred Spaces: is conceived on the backdrop of an ecosystem and a sacred geography. The purpose of this retreat is to bring harmony of the body and mind by engaging with the cosmic elements.

  • Kālā Anubhūti: is an advanced level yoga practice to know and experience Time. It is an Indic knowledge and practice yoga camp.

Jvāla's themes are designed for the Indic knowledge to kindle experiences.

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