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"Every heritage monument and sacred geography chosen is awe-inspiring, but seeing is different from knowing, and knowing is different from experiencing. Every theme of Jvāla is carefully curated for experiences to blossom as insights."

~ Deepa

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Jvāla Story

Deepa's journey began in Indian classical dance where she carved a niche and established herself as a “Dancer to watch” in Mohiniyattam. She has toured many countries, presented her art in many Dance Festivals and won the hearts of critics. She is a Junior Fellowship scholar in the performing arts, awarded by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India and part of the expert panel in Center of Culture, Research and Training for the field of Mohiniyattam. Deepa also belongs to the student lineage of the great yoga master T. Krishnamachari. She is a certified yoga teacher, and a healing chants instructor from KYM. Deepa's expertise in Indian art, history and in-depth knowledge of yoga makes her a practicing academic and culture expert.


With 30 years of engagement in knowledge traditions, and after 17 years as a solo performing artist, Deepa hung her bells and embraced a new role. Through Jvāla she connects directly with seekers and connoisserus outside walls and boundaries.






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